Summer Camps

Who Says Learning Can’t Be Fun?

Get out of the house during the summer and take on robotics or train to be a genius. 


2014 Summer Camps are out. Check out your Appleton's schedule here.

Crush the Test: ACT & SAT One Week Test Preparation Boot Camp. This is a condensed, high impact version of our traditional six week course delivered in one week. It is designed for students who may not have the time to participate in our traditional course.

Robotics Level 1 & Level 2: Bring science, mathematics, engineering and technology to life. From construction to programming, students will build robots to complete various challenges with LEGO Mindstorm.



Genius Training: This is a study skills series designed to maximize time in order to maximize results. Learn how to read twice as fast, memorize large amounts of information, ace any test, and outwit your friends.


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